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Why do rates vary so much from company to company?
Unfortunately in our industry, we are saturated with a number of disc jockey services.  Although this gives many options, it also confuses the customer.  Be cautious of companies offering rates that simply are too good to be true.  Reputable services will have competitive rates, reflecting the industry standard rate of the major competitors.  A service you can trust will offer rates reflecting proper insurance coverage, emergency back up equipment and personnel, experienced staff; typically 5 years +, and should have a solid reputation from any vendor they have previously worked with.
How do I know if I am choosing the right disc jockey service?
You’ll know you’ve chosen the right service, if you feel comfortable with the person you have spoken with. Go with your gut feeling. Remember that the disc jockey is with you for the entire evening of your event. He will be the one in contact with you and your guests. Look for someone that relates well with you, someone with a personality that you feel will be cohesive with the group of people attending your event. If possible, meet with your disc jockey in person, or preview them at an event prior to booking. If you are out-of-town, arrange a phone consultation and ask for references. This will give you a good indication of the personality and there overall success with previous clients.
What are your emergency procedures?
Any reputable service should have an emergency back up plan for both equipment and personnel. Emergencies are unlikely; however, if no plan is in place, your event could be jeopardized.

Prompt, reliable service is essential to making your event a success. ProShow offers an exclusive 24-hour on-call emergency cellular service to ensure we can be reached at a moment’s notice, as well as having backup equipment available. To guarantee our contracts, we have a disc jockey on call at all times.

Are your disc jockeys insured?
Almost all disc jockey services, including ProShow, subcontract their disc jockeys. This means that insurance coverage is not mandatory. If the company uses subcontracted parties, you will want to be certain that the individual or company carries coverage for their disc jockeys. With extremely heavy equipment being used at your event, it is vital that the company you hire be covered in the event of an accident. Many reception facilities are requiring proof of coverage for all outside vendors being brought into their facilities. Since most companies require non-refundable deposits upon contracting, be sure you know what your reception facility requires and that the company you hire has proof of coverage available, if necessary.

ProShow has…

Are all costs included in your package prices, or are there additional charges for equipment and/or services?
ProShow package prices include everything needed to cover your event. However, other companies may charge additionally for wireless microphones, lighting, set up time, etc. You may also want to ask if the deposit made will be applied to your contracted total, as some company deposits are in addition to the contracted fee.
How many hours should I contract?
Book the minimum number of hours you know will be used. Many services want you to book their largest package. At the end of the evening, if your event runs short, you may have a hard time getting a refund if you’ve contracted for more time.

ProShow offers the ability to book additional hours the evening of your event at the same rate offered when you originally booked your date. The flexibility to add time as needed allows you to control your budget and gives you the option to add time, if necessary. Many of our clients use additional time and may stay with their guests until the end, or may set aside payment for ½ to 1 hour and leave the event early.

Be sure you know the cost of adding time that evening, as some companies may add a surcharge (ProShow does not). Also, be certain that your event facility will allow extra time to be booked that night. Some halls have minimums and maximums on time allotted.

What items do I need to provide, or have the hall provide, for the disc jockey?
Most disc jockey services will only need one 6-8ft banquet table with cloth and skirt. They will also need access to a standard electrical outlet. Aside from that, most services are pretty self-sufficient with the rest of their equipment and cabling. Although ProShow does not, some services may also request a chair for their disc jockey.
Does the disc jockey take breaks?
Unlike bands, disc jockey services play for the entire play time contracted. Although this is pretty much and industry standard, it doesn’t hurt to ask, as some companies may allow breaks for the dinner portion of your event.
Should I include dinner for the disc jockey?
It is definitely a nice gesture to offer a meal for the disc jockey at your event. Typically the disc jockey will either eat near their console or may find an empty seat to complete their meal. Some halls offer pre-made dinners that can be given to the disc jockey upon set up at the event; allowing them to eat prior to your event start time. This is an option worth seeking if interested.
Is gratuity included for my disc jockey?
Gratuity is optional for nearly every service. There is no standard for tips given to disc jockeys. Certainly any amount is appreciated and is an excellent way to applaud your disc jockey’s excellent service. In our experience, tips generally average $50 and above.
How will the disc jockey dress for my occasion?
The disc jockey should certainly wear what’s appropriate; the last thing you want is an over- or under-dressed disc jockey at your event.

ProShow’s standard dress code is the following:

Formal: Tuxedo Look: Black Pants, Black Jacket, Tuxedo Shirt and Tie/Vest/Button Cover

Semi-Formal: Dress Pants, Jacket, Shirt and Tie or Full Suit

Semi-Casual: Khaki or Dress Slacks and Collared Button Down Shirt

Casual: Khaki or Dress Jeans and Polo Style Collared Shirt

How far in advance should I book your services?
This depends on several factors:

  • What month are you looking for? January thru March months are the slow season for disc jockey services. These months you can get away with even booking within weeks of your event. If you are looking for April and November dates, typically 3 months advance notice should give you ample time. For any other months, a minimum 6 months advance is necessary. ProShow has bookings from anywhere to a year/year and half in advance on some dates.
  • If you are looking to request a specific disc jockey for your event, it is essential that you contact the service as soon as you have your date squared away. Requests can be made at anytime. ProShow has had clients requesting a specific disc jockey book as early as 15 months in advance.
  • If you are booking a wedding anywhere within a 30-mile radius of the University of Notre Dame, consult a university calendar to be sure your event doesn’t conflict with major events, such as home football games. Events that are highly attended at the University usually cause area hotels to be booked far in advance. Furthermore, football away game days are disc jockeys’ quickest booked dates, as students of the University can only hold their dances those weekends. If you will have out-of-town guests needing accommodations, either book your date early and block rooms, or consider moving your date.
  • If you are looking for alternative dates, consider Friday and Sunday for your event date or even an afternoon get together. Many services offer discounted rates for Sunday events; which may be a way to maximize your dollar.